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Ticket Editing

Event Ticket Master

This plugin manages the sale of Event Tickets. Event Tickets are a special type of Product which has been customised to allow the setup and display of additional fields for information that is associated with a music or theatre type event and the sale of tickets for each type of event.
$300.00 (AUD)
Import Export Manager

Import Export Manager

This plugin allows you to use extended the functionality for import and export of products, customers, categories and orders
$150.00 (AUD)
MYOB AccountRight

MYOB AccountRight Integration

This plugin allows the integration and synchronisation of MYOB AccountRight with you nopCommerce website
Call for pricing
Order Workflow

Order Workflow Management

This plugin adds features to the management of orders to create an “order pipeline”.
$250.00 (AUD)
Product Extensions

System Extensions Manager

This plugin allows you to use extended the operation of system functions and product functionality. There are a number of extensions currently implemented – see the list below.
$150.00 (AUD)
Company Manager Plugin

Company Management System

This plugin introduces several new features and operations for the management of Companies in nopCommerce. Specifically it allows you to manage customers as companies and employees. The plugin also allows customers to create quotes and pay via account credit. There is also an expended set of order statuses to allow for better control of order workflows.
Call for pricing
BoM System

Materials Management System (Bill of Materials) Plugin

The materials management plugin is used to manage the setup, creation and production of a Bill of Materials or a ‘recipe’ used for the production of saleable products.
$350.00 (AUD)
Picture of Plugin Simple Customisation

Plugin Simple Customisation

Purchase this product if you require a simple modification to a specific plugin
$50.00 (AUD)