A few tips for using Rich Text Editor and Adding Images in HTML Content Blocks

There are a few settings and things that allow the adding of images to the Blog and other HTML Content areas

Use Rich Text Editor

1. In settings search "richeditor"

e.g. adminareasettings.usericheditorinmessagetemplates
Set values to True

2. Enable Rich Text Editor - Manage pictures in Access control list


Enable "Admin area. HTML Editor. Manage pictures"

Adding an Image

You can add an image to a HTML Content Area

i.e. In Message Templates, Blogs, Product Full Description, Catalogue Description

Open the respective editor in the Admin section

In the Rich Text Editor

1. Click on Insert Image

2. When adding an Image you can use the RoxyFileman to upload a file

Click on Add File then Select a file to upload

When the file is displayed Double click the file to insert the image

Image URL's

Note: images are not actually inserted. The image is inserted by a HTML Link.

For someone in the world to be able to see the image then you need to provide a full path.
By default when you insert an image via the editor it only puts the local path

i.e. /images/uploaded/cards.jpg

You can see the image becuase it is relative but no one else can see the image
You need to edit the URL and add the website domain

i.e. https://www.yourwebsite.com/images/uploaded/cards.jpg

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